COVID-19 Changes to licensing services

Changes to our Licensing Service

We are experiencing some disruption to our licensing service as a result of Corona Virus restrictions.

  • We are continuing to process applications where we can.
  • Note that our offices are currently closed.
  • Please send any documents by email to
  • Please make payments by phone on 01303 853660

Taxi Licences

New Applicants

  • We are not accepting any new driver applications at this time.
  • Knowledge tests are postponed until further notice.

Renewals - special arrangements

  • Applications to renew vehicle and driver licences are being processed.
  • If you are due to renew your licence but are self-isolating or are not currently working as a result of Government restrictions, we will allow you to let your licence lapse with a view to a full renewal application being made at a later date when you are able to continue working.
  • This means a vehicle or driver will be unlicensed for a period of time and will not be able to carry out taxi work. However, the new application will be treated as if it were a renewal (for example, vehicles can be over three years old, drivers will not be required to sit a knowledge test or complete a new medical if it was not due).
  • However, you must email us before your licence expires, confirming your wish to allow the licence to lapse and your intention to reapply at a later date. Please clearly state your name and badge/ plate number in the email.
  • We will set a final deadline, by which anyone wishing to benefit from these special arrangements must submit their application by paying the fee and providing all required documentation.

Please note once a vehicle licence expires, the compliance certificate is no longer valid for MOT purposes. If you wish to continue to use the vehicle for other purposes, it must have a regular MOT in place.


  • We understand that drivers may be unable to obtain a medical due to restricted access to GP surgeries. In such cases, we are asking drivers to complete and return a self -declaration of medical fitness.
  • This will operate as a temporary measure for three months to enable drivers to continue to work.

DBS checks

  • If your DBS was due, you should complete the online application form via the email from Employment check that will have been sent to you.
  • We will arrange to verify ID to complete the process as soon as we are able to do so.
  • It remains a condition of your licence that you notify us of any convictions.

Vehicle compliance checks

  • We have two garages that can undertake compliance checks.
    • S&S Motors, Tudor Road, Folkestone
    • Cheriton Motor House, Caesars Way, Folkestone ( reopening 1 June)
  • Any licensed vehicle with a compliance check due from 1 June must present their vehicle for a check at one of the above garages in the normal way.
  • Vehicles with compliance checks due between 1 April 2020 and 31 May 2020 can benefit from the six month extension to expiry dates that were originally granted.
  • Vehicles must be roadworthy, maintained in good repair and clean condition, and meet all licence conditions as set out in our handbook.

Street Collection Permits

Given the current restrictions, we will not be issuing any permits at this time.

Personal and Premises Licences

  • We are not able to receive new personal licence applications at this time.
  • Businesses are advised to note current restrictions on pubs, clubs, restaurants and other venues.

Animal welfare licences

We are not able to process new applications at this time.


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