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Useful information

Key dates

  • The annual canvass begins on 1 July each year
  • Canvass emails and forms will be sent around this time, up until the end of August
  • The revised register is published by 1 December of that same year - due to the Covid-19 pandemic the revision of the register will take place on 01 February 2021.

Recently moved home?

If you have moved home since 01 July and registered for Council Tax your details will not be entered onto the electoral register automatically. You have to make a separate application for your details to appear on the electoral register.

 Register online

New residents

If your or anyone's name who should be registered is not on the form they will need to register:

Register online

If you can't get online please give us a call on 01303 853497 or complete the canvass form and we will send a paper application when we receive a response back from you.

What could happen if you don't respond?

  • You will receive a reminders via email, telephone or a door knock up until the 30th November
  • If you do not respond, an Electoral Canvasser will either call you if we have your phone number or visit to collect the information (due to the Covid-19 outbreak house visits may not occur)
  • If you do not provide the requested information at all you can be fined up to £1,000



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