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Report a missed bin

Use our online form to report a missed bin collection

If we haven't emptied your bin on your designated collection day, you need to tell us by the end of the following working day. For example, if your collection day is Monday you will need to tell us by 11.59pm on Tuesday.

Your collection may have been missed for the following reasons

  • You need to put your rubbish/recycling on the boundary of your property by 7am on your collection day. If you put it out later, you may miss the collection and the operatives will not return if this is the case. You can check your collection day by viewing your collection calendar here

  • If the rubbish for the rest of your street hasn't been collected, the collection may be running late. Please wait until the end of the working day to report a missed collection.
  • The bin contains the incorrect items or material for disposal/recycling.

If you are reporting the missed collection outside of the following working day then you will need to wait for your next collection day or you can dispose of you items at your nearest Household Waste Recycling Centre which can be found here.

If your bin was present for collection by 7am on the designated collection day, is being reported within the timeframe, does contain the correct items or materials and other collections have taken place in the area then report this online using the form below.

What you need to do

You will need to tell us your address along with any contact details and which bin/s have been missed.

What happens next

On submission your completed form will be sent to the Waste Team to check if there was a reason why your bin wasn't collected and you will be contacted to advise if this is the case or if there is no reason the Waste Operatives will return within 24 working hours to collect so please leave the bin out for collection.

To report a missed bin please use the following form

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