Building regulations for escape windows

All habitable rooms in buildings of one or two storeys must have an escape window in case there's a fire

The only exception is for ground floor rooms opening onto a corridor that leads directly to an escape window or an external door

Requirements for escape windows

Escape windows (or egress windows) must:

  • be accessible by a ladder
  • lead to a place of safety
  • stay open without being held
  • open sideways or upwards to at least 450mm

The escape window opening must:

  • be unobstructed and clear
  • measure at least 0.33m2
  • measure at least 450mm x 750mm (or 750mm x 450mm)
  • have a sill height of between 800mm and 1100mm from the floor (or 600mm and 1100mm for roof escape windows).

If the window is too high:

  • you can add a step to the floor

If it's too low, the window will need:

  • guarding or restrictors
  • safety glazing

Other considerations

You can fit stays to your windows but they must have a child-resistant catch. We recommend that you don't use window locks.