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Reducing the environmental impacts of Christmas

Believe it or not, the UK generates the weight of 3.3 million emperor penguins in plastic waste each Christmas.

We can all do our bit in lowering this huge number by adopting some basic plastic-free principles this year.

◼️ Buy loose fruit and veg

◼️ Look out for cards and wrapping pager that aren't encased in plastic

◼️ Avoid overly packaged gift sets

◼️ Buy second-hand/upcycled gifts

◼️ Make your own Christmas decorations

◼️ Don't use 'shiny' wrapping paper

◼️ Avoid glittery make-up and cards

There are other easy things we can do to ensure we don't look back at Last Christmas with eco-regrets:

◼️ Switch the LED Christmas lights - it will reduce your electricity bills as well as your carbon footprint

◼️ Choose a FSC-approved Christmas tree from a local retailer, and then recycle it for free using our collection service afterwards

◼️ An incredible 1,000,000,000 (that's a billion) Christmas cards end up in the bin each year - consider exchanging baubles instead this year

◼️ Buy what you need - so, best not get three Christmas puddings if you don't like the taste. It might sound silly but this will easily reduce your waste levels

◼️ Asking people what they might want for a festive present reduces the risk of disappointment... and also the amount of rubbish produced

Find out more online by visiting the National Trust and Sustainable(ish) websites.

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