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Cemetery fees and charges

Fees information for grave plots, green burials, headstones and memorials, and other charges

Before you start

Please note that for non-residents of the district, all fees are double those quoted below.

Burial plot purchase fees

When a burial plot is purchased, a Deed of Grant is issued. The registered grave owner is recorded and has exclusive burial and memorial rights for 100 years.

The £40 cost of the Deed of Grant is included in the fees below.


Grave plot fees
Adult reserved plot£692
Child (under 12 years)£247
Stillborn babies or NVF£247



Ashes fees
Ashes plot for four sets of ashes (inclusive of first use and memorial fee)Lydd£610
Single ashes plot (inclusive of memorial fee and ashes interment)New Romney£382
Double ashes plot (inclusive of first use and memorial fee)New Romney£610


Burial plot digging fees


Child burial fees
Child (under 12 years)£202



Adult burial fees
Single depthFirst use£686
First use reserved plot£768
Double depthFirst use£971
First use reserved plot£1053
Triple depthFirst use£1267
First use reserved plot£1348


Reopening fees

If you have purchased a double or triple depth grave, the fees below detail the cost of reopening the grave for subsequent burials.

Re-opening fees
Reopen to single depth£676
Reopen to double depth£961



In order to scatter ashes on a grave, you either need to be the owner of the grave or have the owner's permission.

Scattering of ashes fees
Ashes interment (casket or urn)£147 (additional £50 for a second set of ashes in same interment)
Ashes scattered under topsoil£147 (additional £50 for a second set of ashes in same scattering)
Scattering on top of grave£50


Green burials

Part of the fee for a green burial goes towards planting new trees.

More information can be found here.

Grave plot fees
Hawkinge only£1,008


Headstones and memorials

Grave plot fees
Permit for the right to erect a headstone (valid for 1 year)£245
Vase or tablet£96
Kerbs per grave£446
Additional inscription for the interred deceased£75
Laying down of unsafe memorial£127
Stillborn (purchased plots only)£0


Family history requests

Family history requests
Up to 3 names£30
More than 3 names£60


Other fees

Other burial fees
Late interment (Monday to Thursday after 2.30pm, Friday after 12.00pm)£140
Transfer of Deed of Grant£103
Use of Hawkinge chapel£145
Outside normal hours (by arrangement only)150% of usual fee

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