Council Tax Reduction Consultation

We are keen to hear your views on proposed changes to our Council Tax Reduction scheme that helps working age people on low incomes to pay their Council Tax.

The current scheme is means-tested and a Council Tax discount can be awarded depending on people's household and financial circumstances.

From April, in response to wider welfare reform such as Universal Credit, we are proposing to make the scheme simpler for everyone by introducing an income banding scheme.

The proposed scheme will remove the need for regular changes and therefore remove the need for regular changing of instalments which can make it difficult for people to budget effectively.

The proposed scheme is based upon a simple income banding formula, and is intended to protect the most vulnerable and incentivise work. Read further details on the proposals and the potential impacts of the proposed scheme. 

pdf icon Council Tax Reduction Consultation Information [390kb]

Consultation proposals

This consultation is now closed.

If you have any further questions or feedback please email