We are sorry for the issues some residents are experiencing with their waste collections. Report a missed bin here.

Bin collections

Note to all DIY'ers

We know that some people may have a bit more time on their hands at the moment.  Some of you may be having a great sort out.  We do ask you to please not fill your bins with unnecessary waste as we want to make sure we can keep household and recycling collections going.

We will however accept extra recycling in plastic or cardboard boxes though!

Bin collections during COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

Rubbish collection is a high priority council service, provided by Veolia and we will do everything possible to keep it going whatever the circumstances.

We ask residents to help us and your bin collectors to keep the service running by taking extra precautions when disposing of your rubbish.  Where possible please ensure that:

  • all domestic waste is disposed of in sealed bags
  • your bin lid is firmly closed
  • you continue placing your recycling (purple lid) and garden waste (brown lid) in the usual bins

Residents with symptoms of coronavirus COVID-19

For people suffering with symptoms associated with coronavirus (COVID-19) there are Public Health England guidelines regarding the disposal of waste.   This includes:

  • sealing personal waste such as tissues and disposable cleaning cloths in smaller plastic bags
  • storing these bags for 72 hours before bagging
  • double bagging this type of waste
  • placing these double bagged bags in your refuse wheeled bin (green lid) or purple sacks

We will be updating our website, Twitter and Facebook pages with any changes or disruptions to your recycling and waste services.

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