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Get involved

Gathering the views of our tenants and leaseholders is important to shaping the service that we are delivering. We want to hear your views and how you think we can improve the service.

We welcome and encourage tenants to get involved in the way the Housing Service works, in managing their homes and the neighbourhood where they live. There are many ways and opportunities for you to have your say and influence decisions that are taken.

Some of the ways you can get involved include:

  • Joining the Tenants and Leasehold Board or helping to set a local residents group
  • Joining a focus group for tenants interested in a particular area or topic
  • Attending estate inspections and contributing to community projects
  • Emailing us with your ideas at
  • Visiting our website to learn about the different activities that will be happening
  • Completing surveys and/or questionnaires
  • Contacting us to keep us informed of activities that you want to see taking place or would like help with
  • Joining our Facebook page
  • Letting us know if you were happy with our service or if something was wrong

To ensure we are hearing from all our tenants and leaseholders we have joined up with the Tenant Participation & Advisory Service (TPAS), a not-for-profit organisation that promotes, supports and champions tenant involvement.

As one of our tenants you can access the TPAS website and create your own free TPAS account to instantly access free resources, advice and information from your mobile device or computer.

TPAS logo




Follow these simple steps to create your free TPAS online account:

  1. Go to this website link
  2. Go to the membership tab and down to 'our members'
  3. In the search box type the name of your organisation and press search
  4. Click on button relevant to you - you can join as a tenant
  5. Complete all your details and press join group. Make sure you check the box to receive e bulletins. This will ensure you receive your membership news into your email inbox
  6. You will receive an email to activate your account, you can then access the member's area by logging in from the top right hand side of the TPAS website


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