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Repairs and planned maintenance

Capital works programme for 2021/22

We are working to make improvements to homes in the Folkestone & Hythe district and listed below is our schedule of work for the coming year.

Capital works programmes are to meet the costs of replacements rather than repairs. Typically these include new kitchens and bathrooms, renewal of roof coverings and the replacement of doors and windows. The work covers those fixtures which may have reached the end of their practical life or do not meet the government's Decent Homes standard.

The works and dates listed may be subject to change once we have undertaken surveys of the properties involved but we will endeavour to keep the list as up to date as possible.

Survey of housing stock

We want to make sure that we have the most accurate information of the condition of all our housing. This will make sure that relevant work is correctly prioritised and included in our capital programme for 2022/23 and onwards.

We have commissioned property surveyors, Rapleys, to undertake a housing stock survey for all council-managed properties. The surveys will begin in mid-June and continue until the end of October 2021.

Tenants will be contacted in advance of the survey taking place with a suggested appointment date.

If you have any enquiries about the programmed works or the housing stock survey you can email or contact us via Ways to Contact

Capital Works Programme by Address 2021-2022
Property & Works Estimate Start DateEstimate End DateNumber of Properties Subject to Survey
12 West Parade   
External Works - WashThroughout year4
12-24 Plimsoll Ave  
External Works - Render Throughout year4
70 Harbour Way  
External DecoratingThroughout year4
Abbott Court   
External Decorating - Decorate Throughout year7
Fire Door Replacements May 2021May 20218
Albert Costain Court   
Sheltered Schemes - SurveyThroughout year24
Alexander Court  
External Works - PointingThroughout year 18
Fire Door Replacements July 2021July 202114
Alexandra Street  
External Decorating - WashThroughout year 2
Bartholomew Street  
External Works - PointingThroughout year3
Beach Flats   
External Works - PointingThroughout year 6
Beatty Close   
Bathroom Improvement March 2021 April 20214
Beatty Road   
Kitchen Improvements March 2020April 20201
Belcaire Close   
Door & Windows WorksSeptember 2021 March 20221
Bennet Ct  
Roof Works August 2021 October 2021 12 
Bennett Court   
External Decorating - Decorate Throughout year 7
Bijou Cottage   
Roof Works July 2021July 20211
Boulogne Court   
External Decorating - DecorateThroughout year 6
Bradford Court   
Sheltered Schemes - SurveyMay 2021June 202148
Bridgeman Court  
Door & Windows WorksSeptember 2021 March 20228
External Works - PointingThroughout year 8
Burrow Road    
External Decorating - Decorate Throughout year1
Calgary Crescent   
Bathroom ImprovementsApril 2021April 20213
Kitchen ImprovementsApril 2021April 20213
Cavalry Court   
External Decoration - CladdingThroughout year 20
Channel View  
External Decorating - DecorateThroughout year 15
Roof WorksAugust 2021October 202126
Cheriton Wood House   
External Decoration - CladdingThroughout year 10
Chestnut Terrace  
External Works - RenderThroughout year 18
Church View  
Doors & Windows WorksSeptember 2021March 20221
Churchill Court  
Sheltered Schemes - Ramp ImprovementsJuly 2021August 202128
Sheltered Schemes - Seating Area ImprovementsJune 2021July 202128
Cinque Ports Avenue  
External Works - RenderThroughout year 18
Coronation Cottages  
Roof Works June 2021September 202110
Craufurd Green  
External Decoration - CladdingThroughout year 12
Cubbit House Annex  
Fire Door ReplacementsMay 2021 May 20218
Cubitt House Block 1  
Roof WorksApril 2021April 202114
Cubitt House Block 2   
Roof Works April 2021April 202114
Dallas Brett Crescent   
Bathroom Improvements April 2021May 20216
Kitchen ImprovementsApril 2021June 202122
Deedes Close   
External Works - Pointing Throughout year1
Denmark Street  
External Decorating - WashThroughout year12
East Street  
External Decorating - DecorateThroughout year3
Eastcliff Villas  
External Decorating - DecorateThroughout year1
External Decorating - Decorate Throughout year19
Elizabeth Gardens   
External Works - PointingThroughout year16
Doors & Windows WorksSeptember 2021March 20223
Elventon Close  
Doors & Windows WorksSeptember 2021March 20225
Elvington Lane    
Doors & Windows WorksSeptember 2021March 20221
Ettrick Terrace  
External Works - RenderThroughout year1
Foreland Avenue  
External Decorating - DecorateThroughout year1
Fort Road  
External Works - PointingThroughout year 7
Gladstone Road   
External Decorating - Decorate Throughout year3
Fire Protection Works - Communal Refurbishments April 2021May 202110
Green Court   
Bathroom ImprovementsMay 2021July 202112
Fire Door ReplacementsJune 2021June 202122
Sheltered Schemes - Seating Area ImprovementsAugust 2021September 202148
Halliday Court  
Fire Protection Works - Loft CompartmentationMay 2021May 202134
Sheltered Schemes - SurveyThroughout year 34
Hammell Cottages  
Door & Windows WorksSeptember 2021March 20222
Harbour Way   
External Decorating - Decorate Throughout year17
Harbour Way Flats  
Roof Works August 2021September 20214
Harvey Street  
Roof Works August 2021September 20214
Hill Road    
Bathroom ImprovementsJuly 2021August 20218
Kitchen ImprovementsJune 2021August 202122
Hollands Avenue  
External Decorating - DecorateThroughout year55
Honeysuckle Cottages    
Door & Windows WorksSeptember 2021March 20221
Roof Works July 2021 August 20211
Ingoldsby Road   
Kitchen ImprovementsAugust 2021August 20216
Ivy Way   
Bathroom ImprovementsAugust 2021September 20213
Kitchen ImprovementsAugust 2021September 20213
Keyes Place   
Bathroom ImprovementsAugust 2021September 20213
Kitchen ImprovementsAugust 2021September 20213
Kingsbridge Court  
External Decorating - DecorateThroughout year 8
Kitchener Square   
Bathroom Improvements August 2021September 20219
Kitchen Improvements August 2021September 20211
Lennard Court   
External Decorating - Decorate Throughout year4
Roof Works November 2021November 202112
Longbridge Terrace   
External Works - Wash Throughout year6
Lyell Close   
External Works - WashThroughout year6
Mackeson Court   
Sheltered Schemes  - Survey Throughout year37
Margaret Street    
External Decorating - Decorate Throughout year5
Roof Works October 2021November 20216
Marsh Crescent    
Door & Windows WorksSeptember 2021March 20222
Martello Cottages    
External Works - RenderThroughout year9
Mayfield Road    
Door & Window Works September 2021March 20221
Middelburg House    
Fire Protection Works - Loft Hatches & Ladders May 2021May 202131
Sheltered Schemes - SurveyThroughout year 31
Mittell Court    
Fire Protection Works - Loft Compartmentation April 2021May 202129
Sheltered Scheme - SurveyThroughout year31
Nailbourne Court    
Fire Door Replacements June 2021June 20218
Sheltered Schemes - Guest Room Upgrade May 2021June 202131
Naseby Avenue    
External Decorating - Cladding Throughout year32
Neason Court    
External Decorating - Decorate Throughout year22
External Decoration - Cladding Throughout year22
Door & Windows Works September 2021March 20223
Newman Court    
External Decoration - Cladding Throughout year8
Orgarswick Way    
Door & Window Works September 2021March 20212
Park View   
Kitchen Improvements September 2021November 20211
Penford Road    
External Decorating - WashThroughout year22
Philippa House    
Sheltered Schemes - Survey Throughout year35
Roof Works July 2021August 202135
Phoenix Court   
Fire Door Replacement May 2021May 202130
Prescott House    
External Works - Pointing Throughout year37
Fire Door Replacements June 2021June 202137
Sheltered Schemes - Survey Throughout year 36
Princes Terrace    
External Works - Pointing Throughout year 26
Prospect Road    
External Works - Render Throughout year 1
Queens Court    
External Works - Structural Throughout year 16
Radnor Bridge Road    
External Decorating - Decorate Throughout year 1
Range Road   
External Works - Pointing Throughout year 1
Cladding Works May 2021June 202188
Rectory Close    
Door & Windows Works September  2021March 20221
Romney Marsh House    
Fire Door Replacements June 2021July 202133
Sheltered Schemes - Car Park Fencing Throughout year 33
Roof Works April 2021June 202133
Ross House    
Fire Protection Works - Loft CompartmentationMarch  2021May 202116
Rossendale Court    
External Decorating - Decorate Throughout year 16
Roof Works June 2021June 202127
Rossendale Gardens   
External Decorating - WashThroughout year2
Rossendale Road    
External Decorating - Wash Throughout year9
Rowan Court    
External Decorating - Decorate Throughout year25
Ryland Court    
Roof Works November 2021November 202112
Setterfield House    
External Works - WashThroughout year11
Sir John Moore Avenue   
External Works - Pointing Throughout year71
St Gabriels     
Roof WorksAugust 2021October 202114
St Gabriels Court   
External Decorating - Decorate Throughout year12
St Georges Place    
External Works - PointingThroughout year33
St Leonards Road   
External Works - Pointing Throughout year1
St Michaels Court    
Door & Windows WorksSeptember 2021March 202224
External Decorating - Decorate Throughout year19
Stephen Court    
Sheltered Schemes - SurveyThroughout year25
Stockham Court   
Fire Door ReplacementsJune 2021June 20212
Sheltered Schemes - Survey Throughout year19
Sutherland Close    
External Works - Pointing Throughout year14
Thanet Gardens    
External Works - DecorateThroughout year2
The Gardens    
External Works - Render Throughout year1
The Stade    
Door & Windows WorksSeptember 2021March 20221
External Decorating - WashThroughout year19
Underhill Cottages    
Path Improvements May 2021June 2021 
Wakefield Way    
External Works - Pointing Throughout year26
Walmsley House    
External Decorating - Decorate Throughout year29
Fire Protection Works - Loft Compartmentation March 2021April 202129
Sheltered Schemes - Survey Throughout year29
Warren Close    
External Decoration - Cladding Throughout year48
West Place   
External Decoration - Pointing Throughout year14
Whiting House    
External Decoration - Cladding Throughout year14
Wiles Avenue    
Door & Windows Works September 2021March 20224
Win Pine House    
Sheltered Schemes - Bin Store Work July 2021August 202144
Sheltered Schemes - Ramp Improvements July 2021August 202144
Sheltered Schemes - Seating Area Improvements July 2021August 202144
Wood Avenue    
Bathroom Improvements September 2021November 202117
Kitchen Improvements September 2021November 202114
Worthington Court    
External Works - WashThroughout year44


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