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COVID-19 guidance for caravan park residents

The council has received a number of enquiries from residents living on caravan parks in the district regarding the potential impact of the current COVID-19 lockdown period.

We have sought clarity from the Ministry of Housing, Communities & Local Government (MHCLG) on this issue.

They have confirmed that whilst people are not permitted to remain on holiday or occupy a second home during the lockdown period, if they are living in the accommodation as their main residence they should be permitted to remain there. 

This guidance has been passed on to local caravan park management companies.

You can read the guidance, together with other information on the new national restrictions, on the central government website.

Staying away from home overnight

Overnight stays and holidays away from primary residences will not be allowed - including holidays in the UK and abroad. This includes staying in a second home or caravan, if you own one, or staying with anyone you do not live with or are in a support bubble with.

You are allowed to stay overnight away from your home if you:

  • are unable to return to your main residence
  • need accommodation while moving house
  • need accommodation to attend a funeral or related commemorative event
  • require accommodation for work purposes or to provide voluntary services
  • are a child requiring accommodation for school or care
  • are homeless, seeking asylum or a vulnerable person seeking refuge
  • are an elite athlete or their support staff or parent, if the athlete is under 18

If you were already on holiday, you should return to your home as soon as practical and comply with the 'stay at home' requirements in your holiday accommodation in the meantime.

Guest accommodation providers such as hotels, B&Bs and caravan parks may remain open for the specific reasons set out in law, including where guests are unable to return to their main residence, use that guest accommodation as their main residence, or would otherwise be made homeless as a result of the accommodation closing.

Accommodation providers are also encouraged to work cooperatively with local authorities to provide accommodation to vulnerable groups including the homeless during this period of national restrictions.

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