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Be a Canvasser

Every year canvassers are hired to help check that we have the right people registered at properties all over the district.  A Household Enquiry Form is sent to every property in July and the canvasser is tasked to visit the properties that haven't responded.  Employment is temporary, on a casual basis between September and November.

There are no set working times or scheduled hours however the majority of visits are completed during the evenings and weekends to get as many people as we can. Canvassers are fully trained and supplied a tablet to take on visits.

Canvassers are required to be politically neutral, professional and committed to the task.  You'll need to have good communication skills and the ability to liaise with a range of residents from across the district. Good administrative and organisational skills are essential in order to complete the canvass process within the allotted timeframe. 

The uncertainty of the weather is something that canvassers must be aware of when thinking about completing their visits, equally their may be long roads or stairs to climb in the designated area you are assigned work in.

This is not a full-time job but might suit people looking for short-term casual work in addition to part-time or full-time employment.  Canvassers are paid by the hour in addition to the responses they manage to get from the public; wages are paid in December after all canvassing has been completed:

Canvassing wages
Description Rate of Pay
Hourly rate New rates coming July 2020
Household enquiry form return New rates coming July 2020
Invitation to register return New rates coming July 2020

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