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At home, work and play

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Serious about your safety

Our range of products and services will help you and your family keep safe whether you are at work, home or at play. All supported by our trusted, caring support team 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year.

Lifeline365  is fully accredited by the Telecare Services Association (TSA), the representative body for technology enabled care (TEC) services, working on behalf of and advising organisations including telecare and telehealth providers, suppliers, housing associations, care providers, emergency services, academia, charities, government bodies and health and social care commissioners.

At home

You, your family and extended family can be assured of safety with the support of our family suite of products.

Whether you are ill, bedridden, living independently, or possibly living in a care home, we have products to protect, monitor, and keep you in contact when you need it most.

At work

Businesses that have workers operating in remote locations, sometimes alone, need to ensure their staff are able to reach them if they are in trouble.

Lifeline365  offers a suite of products that can help remote/ lone workers ranging from trackers, instant alarms, fall detectors enabled with live chat with our control centre.

A simple and effective way to protect people working alone.

At play

Horse riders, runners, hikers, cyclists, wherever at play, perhaps even returning home alone late from practice, we are here to keep you safe.

Our Lifeline365  range of trackers, monitors and alarms are available to keep you in the know, putting your mind at ease that those closest to you are safe and within reach should an emergency occur.

See our full range of in and out of home services and products under our webpages  Products and Services.


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