Footprint GPS tracker

There is a new member of our Lifeline family

How it works

Footprint works in a similar way to Lifeline but offers much greater coverage, operating beyond your home and garden, working anywhere where there's a UK or European mobile phone signal.

With its global positioning system (GPS) tracker ability, it can pinpoint your exact location. This offers so much more freedom while keeping you safe.

Using Footprint

To summon help, simply press and hold the SOS button until it bleeps and vibrates.

You will be connected to our monitoring centre where you will be able to talk to an operator who can summon help if you need it or contact a member of your family.

There will always be someone to answer your call 24 hours a day.

As Footprint uses a rechargeable power pack, it must be charged overnight.

Footprint can benefit a broad range of people

As well as active elderly people, people who work alone, walkers, horse riders and runners will find that Footprint gives them added peace of mind, especially in remote areas where help may not be immediately to hand.

Footprint can also bring peace of mind to families of elderly and vulnerable people who may put themselves in danger by wandering unaccompanied from their home or garden. Footprint can be linked to a geographical boundary that will alert the monitoring centre if the wearer strays outside of it.

How much it costs

One-off installation£40
Quarterly rental charge (payable in advance)£68.90

Prices correct at time of publishing. Prices exclude VAT. You may be exempt from VAT if you are disabled or have a long term condition.

Organise a demonstration

For a free, no-obligation demonstration either:

  • email;
  • call 01303 242615 or 01303 242971; or,
  • write to us at Shepway Lifeline, Civic Centre, Castle Hill Avenue, Folkestone, CT20 2QY.