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What do I need to submit with my application?

What do I need to submit with my application?

For a planning application to be valid, you must submit certain documents to meet national and local validation requirements as well as the correct fee

Local requirements

We require you to submit some additional documents with your planning application. We have different requirements for householder and non-householder developments.

To complement the guidance documents below, we've produced a checklist so you can see at a glance what documents are required for each application type.

Icon for pdf Householder [389.5KB]
Icon for pdf Non-householder [961.31KB]
Icon for pdf Local Validation Requirements: Checklist [284.52KB]

National requirements

The Planning Portal provides a list of documents and the requirements for the site plans and maps you must submit with your application.

Documents you must submit with your planning application

Depending on the size, type and location of the development, you will need to submit different documents to support your application.

Please note, that in an area of land instability, a full survey is required. This entails a phase 1 desktop study carried out by a recognised professional who must confirm that it's possible for the development to be carried out.

Tips for a valid application

Apply online via the Planning Portal

The Planning Portal has help sections for each part of the application, as well as guidance notes and checklists to help you identify if you've uploaded all the relevant information.

Another advantage of applying online is that once you start your online application, it will automatically calculate the fee based on your application type.

Complete all documents

  • complete every relevant section of your application and all required declarations
  • upload or send us all required documents. The Planning Portal has a 5MB limit on the size of documents you can upload, so for anything larger email or post them to us with your application reference

Plans and maps

The most common reason for planning applications being rejected is that the accompanying plans are invalid. The Planning Portal has accredited suppliers from whom you can buy maps and plans.

To ensure that you submit valid plans:

  • make sure you submit your location plan and outline it in red 
  • submit existing, proposed floor, and elevation drawings
  • draw plans to a recognised scale, fully dimensioned in metric
  • provide a scale bar on the drawings

Please note photocopies are not accepted

We have comprehensive guidance on how to submit valid plans.

Pay the correct fee

All applications must be accompanied by the correct fee. You can find the correct fee by using the Planning Portal's fee calculator.

If you used our pre-application advice service

Include details of the pre-application advice given in the planning statement, and where the submitted application deviates from the advice given, provide reasons for not following the advice.

Bin Storage 

Guidance on bin storage requirements and sizes can be found below

Icon for pdf Bin Storage Size Requirements [64.06KB]

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