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Council meetings

Visit our ModGov pages for information about council meetings, and watch web casts of council meetings

Council meetings information on ModGov

Visit our ModGov pages  to:

You can also download the ModGov app from both the Apple Store and Play Store.

Attending council meetings

Council meetings are open to the public, but places are limited to 37 people. Priority is given to people who are speaking at the meeting, and any remaining space will be allocated on a first come, first served basis.

Please note, the council chamber where we hold meetings has stairs. If you have a disability, and would like to speak at a meeting, please contact us committees team link before the meeting so that appropriate arrangements can be made.

Once all seats have been taken, no one else will be admitted. Standing is not allowed in the public gallery and there is no overflow seating.

Watch council meetings online

Use the button below to watch web casts of council meetings. You can both watch meetings live, and recordings of previous meetings.

Ask a question or speak at a meeting

You can ask questions at ordinary meetings of the council and also speak for or against applications at the Planning and Licensing Committee.

Whenever you speak at a meeting, you need to follow the rules of the committee and the procedures for arranging to speak.

Asking a question

The full rules for asking questions are in Section 8 of part 4 of of our constitution.

Before the meeting

  1. email the Head of Paid Service at least 10 working days before the meeting and say which meeting you want to speak at
  2. provide:
    • your name and address;
    • the name or role of the councillor you want to put your question to; and
    • your question (you can only ask 1 question per meeting)

If the council rejects your question (eg because a similar one has been asked in the last six months), they will tell you within three days.  A list of previously asked questions between 1 May 2018 and 31 October 2018 can be found Icon for pdf here. [198.82KB]

Questions are then uploaded to the relevant committee page and sent to all councillors.

At the meeting

The Chairman will ask you to put your question to the councillor you have named. After they reply, you are allowed to put one further question to the same councillor.

Your second question must be directly related to the first, or to the reply the councillor gave you.

If the councillor doesn't come to the meeting, or the maximum of 30 minutes for public questions runs out, you'll get a written answer to your question which will also be published on the relevant page here.

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