Animal activity licences

Dog and cat boarding, dog day care, dog breeding, hiring of horses , selling pets, keeping animals for exhibition.

You will need to have a licence for the following activities:

Dog breeding, selling pets, hiring horses, dog /cat boarding including dog day care and keeping animals for exhibition.

Key Features 

  • Businesses will be issued a star rating (1-5) that reflects standards. This will be shown on the licence.
  • Licences may be issued for 1,2 or 3 years. Businesses with a higher rating will receive a longer licence.
  • National mandatory conditions set out minimum standards required to obtain a licence. Higher standards are also specified. These are optional but the only way to achieve a higher star rating.

Fees and Applications

Further details will be published in due course when we receive more information. In the meantime, please contact our licensing team if you have any enquiries. 

Email  or call: 01303 853660

For more information you can read the guidance notes for each licensing activity


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