Do I need building regulation approval?

Do I need building regulation approval?

Certain building works that you do at home or at work will need to comply with minimal standards set down by law. For these works you'll need building regulations approval to show they meet these standards

A completion certificate will be issued when all stages have been inspected and meet regulations. This is an important document, as it tells you that the work meets the minimum requirements of the building regulations. The certificate will be required if or when you come to sell your property, or if you raise a secured loan or mortgage against your property.

You could be fined or required to pay to get the work re-done if non-compliant work is discovered.

Note that building regulations approval is different from planning permission and you may need both.

When do I need approval?

Building regulations cover the construction and extension of buildings. You may also need approval for alterations such as:

  • electrical work
  • installing a bathroom
  • replacing windows and doors
  • replacing roof coverings
  • installing or replacing a heating system and boiler
  • putting in a fixed air-conditioning system

Common domestic projects

The following guide has been written to provide advice on projects such as extensions, loft conversions, garage conversions, domestic cellar conversions and other alterations.

Icon for pdf Extending Your Home [4.16MB]

Electrical works

Any electrical works should be carried out by a Part P registered competent electrician who will self-certify their work.

You can find a registered electrician in the Competent Persons Register

Planning Portal Interactive House 

Use the Planning Portal Interactive House to see if the works require building regulations approval, or contact us if you need any additional help.

Planning Portal Common Projects

The Planning Portal provides guides for many common household projects explaining if you'll need to make a building regulations application.

When you won't need approval

You don't need approval if the works are exempt or if you're using someone who is on the Competent Person Register to do the work.

You also don't need approval for most repairs, replacements, and maintenance work.

How much does it cost?

Download the current building control fees below.

For most full plans applications, payment is in two parts:

  1. submission charge - when you submit your application
  2. inspection charge - when we inspect your works

 Icon for pdf Building Control Fees [343.01KB]

    Get a quote

    Subject to request, an individually determined fee quotation can be provided for works not represented in the schedule.

    To request a quotation please email us with the subject title 'Request for Building Regulation Quote' and provide the address and detailed description of the proposed works. We will respond to your request as soon as possible.

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