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Change in childcare cost

Provide us with information such as the names of the children the care relates to, the date childcare started/changed, weekly term time charge, weekly school holiday charge, number of term time/holiday weeks care is paid

Please note that on Wednesday 20 January 2021 from 18:00 to 22:00 you will not be able to use online forms or be able to view MyAccount Citizen's Access for Housing Benefit or Council Tax due to system upgrades. We apologise for this inconvenience.

What information do I need to complete this form?

To complete the form you will need:

  • Your claim reference number
  • If you don't have a copy of a letter from your childcare provider to upload to your application, you can submit a completed copy of the form below instead

Icon for pdf Childcare Certificate [256.34KB]

What file types can I upload?

Please note that there is a 5MB size limit on all files that can be attached.

Accepted files types are:

  • Images (jpeg, gif, png)
  • PDF
  • TIF

Can I take pictures of my documents using my smart phone?

Yes. If you take an image with your smart phone or tablet please ensure that documents are saved as one of the accepted file types above.

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