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What is Council Tax?

General information about Council Tax

Council Tax overview

  • Council Tax helps pay for local services
  • There's one bill for each home, whether it's owned or rented, and we'll send you a new bill every year
  • You usually have to pay Council Tax if you're over 18 and the homeowner or tenant

A full Council Tax bill is based on at least two adults living in a property. If you're married or live with your partner you're jointly responsible for paying the bill.

You may not have to pay the full Council Tax depending on your circumstances for example, if you're living alone, are a full-time student or if you have a disability.

If a residential property is empty for over two years the owner has to pay a higher rate of Council Tax, calculated as 200% of the tax that would be due if the property was lived in.

Paying your Council Tax

If your bill shows unpaid arrears from a previous year you must pay this immediately before you begin paying instalments for the current year.

Any credit carried over from a previous year will mean that your current year instalments will be reduced.

Get help paying your bill

If you're claiming benefits or are on a low income you can:

How much will I pay?

The amount you pay depends on what Council Tax band your property has been put into.

You can  make a formal challenge to the Valuation Office Agency if you think your home is in the wrong band.

Get your bill by email

You'll need to let us know if you change your email address.

If you can't pay your bill

Contact us as soon as possible if you're suffering financial difficulties and can't pay your bill.

You can also contact us if you're unable to pay your instalment on the due date and wish to change it.

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