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Letting staff and contractors into your home

You must allow Council staff and contractors to enter your property at reasonable times to carry out repairs, as well as safety and condition inspections.

If you have contacted the Council (or one of our contractors) about a repair, or it is time for a Gas Safety check (or similar), we will contact you to make an arrangement to visit your home. If we cannot get hold of you we will leave a message asking you to contact us to arrange a suitable time for our visit.

Not allowing Council staff and contractor's access to your home for repairs and checks could put the health and safety of your family, visitors and neighbours at risk. Additionally, we want to provide the best possible service to you in the most cost effective way and having to undertake repeat visits to gain access to your property can impact on repair response times for other tenants and has knock-on-effect on costs, which could lead to cuts in other services. Failure to allow access to your property may result in legal action being taken against you.

Beware of bogus callers - If you are unsure, don't open the door!

All our staff and repair contractors will always carry formal identification cards to prove who they are and who they work for. Please ask to see their identification cards and if you are not expecting their visit or want to check the person is working for us, please call the Council or contractor to check. See the contact page for details of who to get in touch with.

Do not feel under pressure to let a person in if you were not expecting a visit, or if there identification does not look right. Your safety is very important and it's best to double check that the person visiting is who they say they are.

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