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Gender pay gap data

We are required to publish calculations that display and help explain any gender pay gap

Average gender pay gap

The average gender pay gap is expressed as a percentage of men's earnings. A positive percentage figure shows that, typically or overall, men are paid more. A negative pay gap indicates that women are paid more.

Gender pay gap as a mean average

Gender pay gap as a mean average
GenderMean average hourly rate of payGender pay gap

The mean average gender pay gap that we reported last year was 4.97%

The mean average is useful because it takes into account the low and high earners and gives a good overall indication of the gender pay gap. However, very large or small rates of pay can dominate and distort the calculation.

Gender pay gap as a median average.


Gender pay gap as a mean average
GenderMedian average hourly rate of payGender pay gap

The median average gender pay gap that we reported last year was -7.24%

By identifying the wage of the middle earner, the median is considered the best representation of the typical gender difference.

Bonus gender pay gap

The bonus pay gap calculation includes all bonus payments made between 1 April 2018 and 31 March 2019. 

Our Pay Policy has no provision for bonus payments. However, a one-off discretionary honorarium payment can be made to employees that demonstrate an exceptional level of performance. Such payments, while extraordinary and therefore infrequent, have been determined as meeting the definition of bonus pay under gender pay gap legislation. 

The proportion of men and women receiving bonuses: 0% of male employees received a one-off honorarium payment when compared to 2.3% of female employees.

  • Average bonus gender pay gap as a mean average: Calculation not possible
  • Average bonus gender pay gap as a median average: Calculation not possible

As there were no one-off honorarium payments made to males in the reporting year calculating a percentage difference is not possible.

Proportion of male and female staff in quartile pay bands

The table below shows the proportion of male and female members of staff when divided into four equal sections based on their hourly rate of pay.

  • the lower quartile represents the lowest paid 25% of staff
  • the upper quartile contains the highest paid 25%
Quartile bands
Lower middle43.18%56.82%
Upper middle31.82%68.18%

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