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Housing benefit appeals

You can ask us to look again at a decision we make on Housing Benefit. You should also contact us if you want a rent valuation to be reconsidered

How do I appeal a decision?

You must contact us within 1 month of when you get the letter telling you about our decision.

We'll look at your claim again and send you a letter about the result of the reconsideration.

If you're still unhappy

If you're still unhappy with our decision you will need to complete our appeal form and attach any evidence relevant to your appeal.

You must do so within 1 month of getting your new letter.

What happens next?

We'll then pass your case to the Appeals Service. They will arrange for an independent tribunal to hear your appeal. This will usually happen within 14 weeks from when they receive all the information relating to your case.

Find out more about the tribunal process

What happens is my appeal is late?

Appeals can be considered for a further 12 months after you get our decision letter if you can show that you were unable to appeal before.

You'll need to explain why in writing.

What if I disagree with a rent valuation?

The council does not decide on rent valuations - this is done by the Rent Service.

If you disagree with the rent valuation of your property, write a letter giving your reasons and asking for the valuation to be reconsidered (re-determined).

Send your letter to the Revenue and Benefits Team at the address above. It must arrive at the council within 1 month of the decision.

Note that your income is not a valid reason to ask for a re-determination, because it is not taken into account for rent valuation.

An officer from a different Rent Service area will reconsider the valuation.

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