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Housing Benefit while away from home

Housing Benefit can be paid if you are away from home, usually for up to 4, 13 or 52 weeks depending on your circumstances

Receiving Housing Benefit when you're away

To keep getting Housing Benefit when you're temporarily away, you must:

  • usually live in that home
  • intend to return to your home
  • not rent out your home while you're away

How long can I be away from home?

Depending on the reason why you're away from home, you can continue to get Housing Benefit for up to 4,13, or 52 weeks. 

  • You must expect to return within the time allowed
  • Your Housing Benefit will stop as soon as you go away if you know you will be away longer than the rules allow

What about periods under four weeks?

You don't have to tell the us every time you are away from home for less than 4 weeks. 

However you must tell us if you know your stay will last more than 4 weeks and we'll advise how long you can continue to receive Housing Benefit.

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