I am homeless or about to lose my home

We can give you help or advice if you are already homeless or at risk of becoming homeless

Housing pre-assessment form

Complete the Kent Homechoice pre-assessment, answering some questions about your current circumstances. This will help us provide you with appropriate advice and options.

Start now

Before you start

The form is easy to complete, but in order to provide you with the best advice and options we require information about your:

  • housing;
  • finances;
  • household;
  • employment status; and,
  • health issues

It will be useful to have these ready before starting.

If you have previously registered for the housing list, you will need to login to your Kent Homechoice account and complete the change of circumstances form rather than this pre-assessment.

What happens next?

Once completed, your form will be reviewed by a Housing Advice and Prevention Officer who will undertake any required verification checks and will be in contact with you to discuss options and provide advice.

We will aim to call you back within 2 working days.

Homelessness: Duty to refer 

The duty to refer will help to ensure that services are working together effectively to prevent homelessness by ensuring that peoples' housing needs are considered when they come into contact with public authorities. It is also anticipated that it will encourage local housing authorities and other public authorities to build strong partnerships which enable them to work together to intervene earlier to prevent homelessness through, increasingly integrated services.

This guidance is designed for those working in a specified public authority, which is subject to the duty to refer. You can also contact dutytorefer@folkestone-hythe.gov.uk

GOV.UK: Duty to refer form and guidance notes


Guides and leaflets

Download the guides and self-helps leaflets below for specific advice on what steps you can take such as where you can access support and secure accommodation.

How to Apply for Social Housing
I am a Council Tenant
I am a Housing Association Tenant
I am a tenant of a Private Landlord
Local Housing Allowance (LHA) Rates
I am experiencing domestic violence or harassment
I am leaving hospital and have nowhere to go
I am leaving prison and have nowhere to go
I am leaving or have left care
I am a veteran of the British armed forces
I live with a family member or friend who has asked me to leave
I own my home but cannot afford the mortgage
I am currently living in temporary accommodation provided by Folkestone & Hythe
I am in or at risk of rent arrears
UK National returning to the UK after living abroad
I have received a S21 notice
Supported accommodation