Apply for a review of a licensed premises

If you are concerned about an existing licensed premises in your area, you can ask us to review the licence. There are rules about who can ask for a review and why

How to apply for a review

Before you start

Try to resolve the matter outside the formal review process

This could involve, for example:

  • talking to the licence or certificate holder to see if there's any steps they may be willing to take to rectify the situation
  • asking us, your local MP, or councillor to talk to the licensee on your behalf
  • contacting the relevant responsible authority to determine whether there's any other legislation that could help resolve the issue

If you decide to request a review

  • get the backing of other local people or businesses in the vicinity of the premises
  • contact other responsible authorities for their support 
  • if you are thinking of raising a petition, include names and addresses and indicate clearly on what grounds a review is being applied for. Choose a spokesperson to receive details about the hearings and be willing to speak on behalf of the petitioners at the hearing

Who can ask for a review?

Only people or businesses living or operating near to the licensed premises can request a review. This includes groups of people eg residents' associations.

Responsible authorities (article link) can also ask for a review.

Anonymous requests for review

You can't apply for a review anonymously, even if someone else (eg a local MP or councillor) is applying on your behalf.

If you're concerned about possible intimidation, you could consider asking the police, or another appropriate responsible authority to apply for a review on your behalf.

Grounds for reviewing a licence

You can only apply for a review if your concerns relate to one or more of the licensing objectives.

Alcohol licensing objectives

  • preventing crime and disorder
  • public safety
  • preventing public nuisance
  • protecting children from harm

Gambling licensing objectives

  • preventing crime and disorder
  • gambling in a fair and open way
  • protecting children from harm

You must have a serious concern and show clearly how the premises are failing to meet one or more of the objectives by, for example, keeping a diary of events over a period of time and providing information of any individual incidents at the premises, like the police being called out.

Rejecting a request for review

We can reject any grounds for review if we consider it to be:

  • frivolous ie the request clearly lacked seriousness;
  • vexatious eg the complaint has arisen due to a dispute or competition between businesses; or,
  • repetitious eg a person submits an identical or very similar review either to one that has already been determined, or to a representation made when the licence was first applied for

To avoid making a repetitious request, you can check the licensing register to see if other people have made representations or asked for a review of a premises in the past.

How to apply for a review

Download, complete and return the appropriate form below via email or post to the licensing team.

Icon for pdf Review of premises licence [226.45KB]
Icon for pdf Review of a gambling premises licence [168.26KB]

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