Copies of planning documents

Copies of planning documents

Planning documents are available for free via the online planning register, or we can provide paper copies for a small fee

Copies of planning documents and decisions

You can download most planning decisions and documents (from October 2002 onwards) for free using the .

Accessible versions of documents

If you have any problems viewing or accessing planning documents on the online planning register, please contact the planning team for assistance. In line with our Equality and Diversity policy, any information that can help us improve the accessibility or usability of our systems is welcome and will be carefully considered.

Cost for paper documents

Otherwise, the following charges apply:

  • planning decision - £16.50
  • A4 paper or drawing - 60p
  • A3 paper or drawing - 80p
  • A2 paper or drawing - £3.30
  • A1 paper or drawing - £3.30

We'll send you the documents as soon as possible and within 20 working days.

Plans, drawings and other material are under How to comment on a planning application

Written confirmation of compliance with conditions

Fees apply when requesting written confirmation of compliance with conditions attached to a grant of planning permission.

  • £28 for each request in connection with householder applications; or,
  • £97 in respect of each request in connection with all other application types.

Alternatively, search for the application and it may be possible to view the relevant information for free.

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