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Recycle your batteries

Advice and information on how to recycle batteries

How often are batteries collected?

We pick up batteries every 2 weeks with the rest of your recycling.

Use the button below and input your postcode to find your collection dates.

Why you should recycle batteries

It is important to recycle batteries as careless disposal of batteries is hazardous to the environment. The toxic substances can seep into the water supply causing serious health problems.

Putting batteries out for recycling

The batteries you can recycle are shown on our self-seal recycling bags that you can pick up from the Civic Centre.

We recommend you use these bags, but if you don't have one put the batteries in a clear food bag.

Which batteries will you collect?

  • 6V
  • D
  • C
  • AA
  • AAA
  • 9V
  • button

We suggest that you store button batteries separately from other types of batteries before putting them into the bag together for collection.

Put the bag on top of your black recycling bin (for paper and cardboard) for collection.

Other ways to recycle batteries

You can dispose of batteries, including types not accepted for kerbside collections (eg car batteries), at your local  recycling centre

Many supermarkets collect old batteries as part of the Batteryback scheme. Look out for the special containers or ask a member of staff.

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