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Freedom of information

How to request information held by us under the Freedom of Information Act or the Environmental Information Regulations

The Freedom of Information Act 2000:

  • gives you the right to access information held by public authorities (regardless of how old the information is)
  • exempts authorities from the duty to disclose some information
  • sets out how the Act is enforced and how you can appeal

The Act doesn't give you an automatic right to see or get council documents or records. The right is to access information contained within them. There will be times when only some parts of a document can be made available.

Information on making a freedom of information (FOI) request on GOV.UK.

Make a request

You can make a request using the link to the form below. Initially you will be given the opportunity to create a MyAccount (if you don't already have one) which will enable you to track progress of your application. Alternatively you make the request without registering.

If you want, you can say how you'd prefer to receive the information (eg in electronic form or paper copy).

You can also request information the council holds about you using a Subject Access Request .

How much it costs

It's free to make a request, but we may charge for providing copies. The fees are shown in the council's list of discretionary fees and charges which is updated each year.

If the cost of providing the information is above an 'appropriate limit', we can refuse to supply it. The government's advice on the appropriate limit for local authorities is £450 or 18 hours work.

What happens next

We aim to acknowledge requests within 3 working days. You'll get a reply within 20 working days of sending us your request. It will either provide the information you asked for or explain why we can't provide it.

If we turn down your request

We can only refuse your request if:

  • it's vexatious, voluminous or repeated
  • we have asked you for more information in order to meet your request and you have not provided it
  • it falls under one of the exemptions

If we do turn down your request, we will explain why. You can ask us to review our decision. If, after an internal review, we still refuse your request, you can ask the Information Commissioner to review our decision.

More FOI information

There's more help with making an FOI request (including information about exemptions) on the Information Commissioner's website .

To see what information the council already makes public, read the Publication Scheme.

Contact the Information officer

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